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March 2, 2010

Trusted Source

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When we worked together, I always counted on Bill Rogers to talk sense to me – no matter how loud the jargon-laden wittering  around us became.
I still rely on his sharp wits and keen eye.  Check out his observations on the heavily-leaked BBC review here

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  1. This whole thing has made me very grumpy today. Your friend Bill says (quoting the review, I think):

    BBC News Online focusing its specialist analysis and interpretation on a generalist, not
    specialist, audience

    So I guess now we’ll have current affairs narrated by the Chuckle Brothers and science programming by the cast of Rent-A-Ghost. The only areas that seem to be strengthened are the arts, consolidating the widely held view that the Beeb contains a bunch of dull Oxbridge arts graduates (would you like fries with that?) making programmes essentially for each other. Who was it who was told that her R4 play would be broadcast in August and replied “You can’t do that *everyone* will be in Tuscany”?

    Even less inspiring was the clip of James Murdoch(?) on Today whining about the supposed monopoly that the BBC has on quality online journalism, as if the Beeb exists to serve commerce and not the license-fee payer.

    Whither our great British institutions, etc, etc. I’m going to grump off somewhere else now…

    Comment by Sarah — March 2, 2010 @ 3:32 pm

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