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August 4, 2010

LIKE in the City

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My friend Marja knows loads more about London than I do (well, loads more about loads of things, but we’ll stick with London for now…..):  unburdened by affiliations to specific areas north or south of the river, she’s roamed free – exploring and appreciating the capital.  In short, she’s done what many of us who’ve lived here for decades mean to do, but never quite get around to.

So her suggestion, that LIKE’s  July event should be a guided tour of the square mile, was a chance to finally get around to some exploration of the City.

Last Thursday was one of those unfortunate days that don’t quite work to plan, so I missed the first half of the 2-hour walk.  But when I caught up with the group they hadn’t moved too far from The Monument, and there were plenty of ancient alleys and local landmarks still to see.

The Guide from London Walks provided an impressive demonstration of knowledge-sharing as she led us around.  Some of the sharper members of the group were doing a good job of knowledge-capture – making notes and taking pictures.  I was too busy gawping or chatting to retain much detail, but the highlights included an explanation of the plain exteriors of Wren’s churches (apparently he knew they’d quickly be abutted by hurriedly-erected shops and dwellings, so ensured all adornments were inside);  a quiet interlude in St Dunstan’s garden and mingling with the dragons and drinkers while hearing about the history of Leadenhall Market.

The walk ended at a suitably historic venue – The Jamaica Wine House down St Michael’s Alley, on the site of London’s first coffee house.  A nice old pub, it served as a perfect ‘penny university’ for us to end the evening in.

On the last Thursday of August LIKE will be enjoying a different venue, created by another of the city’s great architects – John Nash.  If you’d like to come along to the picnic in the park, sign up on Linked In

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